Senior Auditor Internal Audit Europe

Senior Auditor Internal Audit Europe

Royal Ahold ( is one the world’s largest food retailers. With over 200,000 employees, the company operates in the United States and Europe under a number of leading local brand names.


Ahold’s portfolio of retail businesses is fundamentally strong. The company has a number one or number two position in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, as well as in its Giant- Carlisle, Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover operations in the United States. In 2012, Ahold acquired, making the company the largest online food retailer in the US and the Netherlands and Belgium.  All of these businesses have significant potential for profitable growth.


Ahold is in a strong financial and market position, is performing well and has high ambitions for the future. Under the leadership of Dick Boer, CEO, Ahold has rolled out a Reshaping Retail strategy that will shape the company as a successful multichannel retailer, allowing customers to shop whenever and wherever and however they prefer.


We’re looking for talented people with a passion for retail. People who have a strong vision, work with vigor and bring innovative idea’s to the table in order to have impact on daily life of our customers.


As a Business Auditor you will:

  • Identify the business objectives and related risks per audit
  • Evaluate the related management controls to achieve the objectives
  • Formulate the identified gaps and create smart recommendations
  • Report and communicate audit findings to management
  • Evaluate management action plans and review their implementation
  • Document your work according to professional standards
  • Establish and maintain an excellent and long term relationship with management.

Internal Audit at Ahold is strongly strategically oriented and is forward-looking (‘foresight’). Firstly you will be required to make an analysis at the strategic level. Then you will research whether operational processes support the strategic objectives. Within Ahold Internal Audit you will be reviewing risk management of various business processes (e.g. marketing, commerce, logistics, supply chain, IT etc.). Therefore, every audit is a different audit. 



  • University degree (e.g. Business Economics, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management, Commerce, or Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Management)
  • Complemented by a relevant Post-Masters degree (RO/RC)
  • Belonging to the top 10% talent amongst peer group
  • 3 to 5 years relevant working experience, with skills and competencies in retail, logistics, sourcing and/or commerce, possibly complemented with risk management
  • Strong analytical skills, broad interests and intrinsic curiosity
  • Strong communication skills, excellent at establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Straight back, strong personality, able to handle push back
  • Independent, self-supporting, quick start-up time
  • Team player
  • Ambitious and driven
  • Quality driven; able to think outside the box, bringing new perspectives
  • Affiliation with the retail business
  • Strong command of Dutch and English; excellent writing skills

What is in it for you?

An assignment in Internal Audit is considered a development assignment; personal development on leadership, functional and professional competencies has a high priority. A competency framework, career ladders and succession planning will support your competency development. Periodic (performance) feedback is a standard process within AIA.

As auditor you will acquire new competencies through:

  • Exposure to all dimensions of the global Ahold business, from day-to-day operational activities to strategic level processes
  • Exposure to all levels of management, including board-level

You will:

  • Develop competencies in Governance, Risk Management and Internal Control, through experience, internal training and external professional certification
  • Develop your Leadership skills, including presentation, report writing, dealing with diversity and conflict management
  • Get great experience in project management and team-working
  • Have the opportunity to progress within the company to challenging positions across a wide variety of areas

What we offer


At Ahold we look after our employees. In addition to a good salary, we offer excellent employment conditions such as profit-sharing, many vacation days, a good work-life balance, a good pension plan, salary and life-course savings plans and an attractive bonus plan. We actively stimulate your development with innumerable opportunities to expand your professional knowledge by offering programs at every level, for every discipline. We also offer many opportunities for personal development, such as coaching, courses, tests and seminars.